Do You Want To Grow Both Personally
and Professionally?

Do You Want More Meaning and Purpose In Your Life?

Do You Want To Help Change The World
and Save Lives?

There is a lot of pain and suffering happening all around the world. There are at least 1 billion people globally dealing with a debilitating disease or condition that can be treated, and in many cases eliminated, with The Sacred Plant.

You can help yourself, your loved ones AND people everywhere.

The Sacred Plant company is on a mission to educate and empower billions of people worldwide to be happy, healthy and pain-free.

In just our first 10 months in business, we’ve reached 1,774,736 individual people from 226 countries… and 447,997 of those people registered to watch our docuseries and webinars for free.

As a result, we’ve been able to open people’s minds to the possibility of healing without dangerous drugs, surgeries, or other expensive medical procedures. Thousands of lives have already been changed and saved.

We have BIG plans for 2018 and beyond to make an even bigger impact in the future. We need help to help even more people…

Here are just a few of the benefits of being on our team:

  • Feel good about making a positive and profound difference in people's lives and in the world.
  • Have time and location freedom to work where and when you want.
  • Work closely with other superstars that are passionate about our mission.
  • Enjoy our fun, collaborative and energetic team and company culture.
  • Grow by leaps and bounds personally, professionally and Spiritually
  • Do what you love and are best at doing. We focus on our team member's strengths and ask them to delegate their weaknesses.
  • Have unlimited access to all the premium content from our company and our “influence partners.”
  • Opportunities to earn more over time by creating more value to the company and our community.
  • And so much more…

But we must warn you…
there are some potential downsides to working with us, such as:

  • The hiring process will be grueling. 98% of applicants don't make it.
  • You must complete a test project without pay prior to being hired.
  • If hired, you will have a 90-day trial with reduced wages. If you pass the 90 days you will receive a bonus and contract with a new compensation plan.
  • We have high expectations for quality work and productivity.
  • Since we are a mission based business and we reinvest 100% of our profits, we don’t pay 401(k) or health insurance.
  • This is not a 9-5 job. There are times when you “work” evenings and weekends.

Here’s what a few of our team members have to say about working with The Sacred Plant company:

“Working for The Sacred Plant company has been an intense but rewarding experience. I've been able to grow in multiple areas as a result of working on two major launches during the last 6 months. Not to mention, I've built new business relationships and have been able to advance a cause I'm passionate about.” ~ Ryan Healy

“I just love working at The Sacred Plant company. The team culture is extraordinary and supportive which greatly helps to contribute to a positive work experience. The workload is intense during launch times but knowing that we are changing people's lives by helping them ease their pain or treat their health issues successfully and naturally makes it all worthwhile.
This is not just a job…it's a mission.” ~ Gia Liossis

“Being part of this amazing mission, team and company is truly an honour. I've worked with many similar ventures, and none has had more meaning, passion, and joy, all round. It's not for the faint of heart: you need to know your stuff, and be quick on the uptake for new learning and skills, and do whatever it takes to get things done, and done well. It can be intense, and flexibility is needed with schedules, for sure… Luckily it's easy to give your heart and soul to something you believe in, and for a team that so deeply appreciates you. I love working with The Sacred Plant company and I'm grateful for it, every day.” ~ Zia Holte

“Being part of The Sacred Plant (TSP) team, and more importantly the mission: to help more people with the information and education we share, has helped me be a better person on a number of levels – some of which I didn't know existed before TSP!! It's not easy, but very rewarding things rarely are.” ~ Jamie McKean

So if you’re still interested and excited to join our team, below are the open positions we are currently looking to fill…

**PLEASE NOTE: All positions are virtual. Candidates must have a reliable computer with high-speed Internet connection, be reachable during normal business hours, with some late nights and weekends.**

Thank you for your interest in being on The Sacred Plant team. We look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, if you know somebody who might be a good fit, please share this webpage with them. Thank you! :-).

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