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Webinar #1: Understand The Basics: Common Terms & Uses

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Webinar #3: What You Must Know: Common Lies & Misconceptions

Webinar #4: Proven Strategies: Not All Diseases Are Treated Equally

Webinar #5: Quality Control: How to Tell the Good from the Bad

Webinar #6: Be Empowered: How to Make Safe Choices When Choosing a Medicine

Webinar #7: New Cutting Edge Research: How It Will Impact You

John & Corinne Malanca
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The Sacred Plant

We will have 7 LIVE webinars over 7 weeks, every Tuesday night, starting June 27th. We’ll be inviting doctors and experts for each webinar and each webinar will be 60-90 minutes.

My beautiful wife Corinne Malanca, will be co-creating this webinar series with me and she will be on every webinar.

Like with the docuseries, we want to help as many people as possible, so you can watch each live webinar for FREE for 48 hours. Yes, that’s right, you can watch each webinar for FREE for 2 whole days!

After watching these webinars you’ll walk away knowing more about The Sacred Plant than a vast majority of doctors do.

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